Ryan & Dory | Room 1520 Wedding

Ryan & Dory held their wedding ceremony & reception at Room 1520 in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. The space was very modern, set in a loft setting, common to many of the newly rehabbed spaces in the West Loop. Their Room 1520 wedding was a gorgeous space to exchange their vows & dance the night away. There was also a roof top and many hidden nooks that served as a perfect backdrop for their wedding photos.

Chicago Lakefront Wedding Photography

We took a party bus around Chicago and began taking some photos with the bridal party. Our first stop for the wedding party photos was the Chicago Lakefront. It was a very windy day so there were was a lot of hair flying about, but there was definitely a nice breeze that made for some fun photos! After that we headed towards the Chicago Financial District for some more photos! These were a bit tricky, since there tends to be quite a bit of traffic but we managed to stop a few cars for some lovely shots featuring the iconic LaSalle Street.

Chicago Financial District Wedding Photography

Chicago Financial District Wedding Photos


The next stop we took was Chicago’s Union Station where the final batch of wedding party photos, as well as single shots of Ryan & Dory. We also met up with the immediate & extended family to include them on some of the Chicago wedding photography shots at the various landmarks.

Chicago Union Station Wedding Photography

Union Station Wedding Photography

After we made our rounds across the various landmarks we made our way towards Chicago’s West Loop to get ready for the wedding ceremony at Room 1520! As soon as we got there the wedding party helped Dory with the final touches on her wedding gown, they also made sure to put her in her stunning veil. There was a lot of fun and modern decor at the loft, the urban setting came together really well making for some very unique shots. I love the photo of everyone hanging out before the ceremony, everyone was so relaxed and was just enjoying their time before Ryan & Dory’s Room 1520 wedding!



chicago loft wedding at room 1520 in the west loop

Room 1520 Wedding

chicago loft wedding at room 1520

Chicago Wedding at Room 1520

The wedding ceremony was beginning guests arrived and made their way to their seats. The wedding theme colors were showcased with flower petals down the aisle bordering the walkway with pretty floating accent candles. Dory & Ryan exchanged their vows in the ceremony space in the loft and the reception preceded in the same room as guests got to enjoy horderves during cocktail hour.

room 1520 Chicago loft wedding

Chicago Wedding - Room 1520


Chicago West Loop Wedding - Room 1520


room 1520 chicago west loop wedding

chicago loft wedding

Chicago Loft Wedding - West Loop

While the ceremony space at Room 1520 was being transformed into reception space, we snuk away to take some photos of the newly weds!  Shortly after the couple made their entrance at the reception, ate cake, danced the night away & exchanged many hugs and smiles with the guests!

Wedding at Chicago's Room 1520

room 1520 roof wedding photos

room 1520 wedding chicago

chicago wedding at room 1520

Room 1520 Wedding

jewish wedding chicago

I hope you enjoyed these photos showcasing Ryan & Dory’s Room 1520 wedding in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. For any questions or to book a wedding photography session with Poe Photography please feel free to call or send a request using this form. Please view some of our other wedding photography sessions currently on the blog!