Bridget & Theo | Copernicus Center Wedding

Bridget & Theo had their wedding at the Copernicus Center in Chicago. Before the reception the wedding party got ready at the Hilton Hotel near Rosemont. Before everyone headed over for their Copernicus Center wedding, we all took a party bus around various parts of Chicago, especially parts of the Loop, for photographs. Some locations we stopped at were the iconic Kinzie Street Bridge, LaSalle Street in the Financial District, even the the “Chicago L” Brown & Pruple Line stop, where the CTA attendants were nice enough to let us take photos on the platform. It was truly a treat being able to travel at the various Chicago spots to take photographs of the wedding party. There was even a special (unexpected) surprise guest appearance when we made our stop in Chicago’s Financial District. Just see for yourself! Take a look at the photos below for a preview of their very special wedding day in Chicago at the Copernicus Center!

Hilton Chicago Wedding Dress Photo

Hilton Chicago Wedding Photograph

Chicago Wedding Party Bus Photos

Chicago L Wedding Photo

Chicago Loop Train Wedding Photo

Chicago Loop Train Wedding Photography

Chicago Loop Train Wedding Photography

Chicago La Salle Street Wedding Photographs

Mayor Rahm Emanuel La Salle Street

This was the surprising guest appearance! It was the Mayor Rahm Emanuel! There was a crew shooting a video for him and a taxi came by, so he took our bride for a spin around La Salle Street! It was completely unexpected, and once in a lifetime for me…and the wedding party, I imagine? I still cannot believe we ran into Rahm Emanuel. Good thing a photographer was on hand! 🙂

Kinzie Street Bridge Wedding Photography

Chicago Kinzie Street Bridge Wedding Photography

Brooklyn Industries Wicker Park Graffiti Wedding Photo

Copernicus Center Wedding Photos Inside

Copernicus Center Wedding Table

Copernicus Center Wedding Reception

Copernicus Center Wedding Reception Photos

Chicago Copernicus Center Wedding Reception

Chicago Copernicus Center Wedding Reception

Bridget & Theo even had some end of nigh food truck’s come by to provide the guests with food! It was a very fun day taking photos all around Chicago and then some at their Copernicus Center wedding reception. Everyone was full of laughs & smiles. For more photographs like the ones featured in this post, feel free to explore the blog. For questions, or to book your own wedding photography session, you may contact me here.