Cheney Mansion Wedding

Carolina & Amit had their wedding at the Cheney Mansion in Oak Park, Illinois. The classic feel was a perfect place for them to get married. Their Cheney Mansion wedding day began with hair & makeup being done for Carolina & the bridal party in one of the upstairs suites. The lighting in the room was gorgeous and naturally brightened the area. During the bridal party getting ready, there were tons of smiles filling their Cheney Mansion wedding.

Cheney Mansion Oak Park, IL Wedding

Cheney Mansion Wedding by Poe Photography

As the hour inched closer to the time for the ceremony, Carolina got ready and got into her dress with the help of her mom and friends. The Cheney Mansion wedding ceremony was set to start at this gorgeous green house in the garden area. The grooms party waited downstairs in the sun room while waiting to make their way into the green house. Then following them were the bridal party and finally their Oak Park wedding ceremony began!

There were a lot of traditional details that went along with Carolina’s attire, including some diamond accessories that get placed on your hands. There were also colored bangles that were given to each lady in the wedding party. These traditional touches brought out a lot of warmth and color. After Carolina¬†was ready, the Cheney Mansion wedding was ready to be begin!

Poe Photography Oak Park Wedding

Poe Photography Oak Park, IL Wedding

Poe Photography Cheney Mansion Wedding Oak Park

After the Cheney Mansion wedding ceremony we took some family and group photos around the garden area. The weather was a bit chilly, but the whole wedding party braved the cold very well! There were many gorgeous photos full of warm smiles. Everyone seemed to exude happiness. This made the cold weather seem to dissolve for a bit.

Cheney Mansion Wedding Oak Park

Cheney Mansion Wedding

Indian Wedding Oak Park Illinois

Wedding at the Cheney Mansion in Oak Park

Wedding at the Cheney Mansion in Oak Park, IL

Cheney House Mansion Wedding

Cheney Mansion Oak Park Wedding

Oak Park Wedding

I was so happy to be a part of Carolina & Amits very special Cheney Mansion wedding in Oak Park, Illinois! I hope you enjoyed the photos from their wedding series too! To view more wedding photos by Poe Photography please visit the Blog page or the Chicago wedding photography gallery. For any questions or thoughts, you may leave a comment below. If you would like to contact me for any additional questions or to book your own wedding photography consultation please use the following form to do so.